Photo of Josh Sanchez, Assistant Josh Sanchez
Veterinary Assistant

Josh Sanchez joined the CRAC staff in July 2004, having graduated from Rowlett High School in May. Although starting as a kennel assistant, Josh quickly became CRAC's primary dental Veterinary Assistant.

Spare time for Josh is spent body toning at the gym, jogging, poolside lounging, and enjoying home-cooked meals with his mother, teenage brother and sister. Quite the music buff, Josh's absolute songstress crush is undisputedly Christina Aguilera!

Photo of Sami Dale, Veterinary Assistant Sami Dale
Veterinary Assistant

Samantha Dale became a member of our team at the beginning of 2015 after wanting to pursue a career in the veterinary field. She graduated from Terrell High School in 2012 and is the proud mother of 3 children. Samantha (Sami) really enjoys working with animals and is eager to help our clients. We are glad to have Sami here as a part of our animal loving family!

Photo of Anissa Littlefield, Veterinary Assistant Anissa Littlefield
Veterinary Assistant,CVA

Anissa Littlefield joined our team in 2016. Anissa enjoys taking care of our clients' pets. Anissa likes to compete in multiple venues in the dog show world. Her dogs have fun in conformation, lure coursing, dock diving, and weight pull in which she also is a UKC Judge! She really enjoys working in the veterinary field.